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the beginning

We get it.  You work Monday to Friday, 9-5.  Or Tuesday Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11-8.  Or, you work the late shift.  The early shift.  The busy shift.  The slow shift.  No one came by the shop/store/office today.  Or work was nuts.  800 things happened, or nothing happened.  Suddenly you’re out the door, waiting in the elevator bank/stairwell/lobby/subway/parking lot.  You swear up and down to go home, eat dinner and climb into bed. 

You, my new friends, have climbed in and made a nest in the post-work bubble. 

We were there!  We were ‘bubble’ people once.  Shifting from day-to-day – week to week.  Living for the weekend.  And, suddenly, we got a slap in the face.  If the only time we find joy in life is Friday night, Saturday, and the part of Sunday we don’t spend sitting around dreading Monday, then we really only LIVE 48 hours per week.  That’s 2/7 days!  The rest thrown away. 

Welcome to your life.  Welcome to mylifeafterwork.


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Hello world!

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