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meet up with old you.

The yearly Christmas highschool friend rendezvous.  An old coworker reunion.  The travelling buddies catch-up.  It always takes me back.  Wazzam.  I love meeting up with old acquaintances. 

The way we perceive ourselves depends (to some extent) on who we are with, and how they perceive us.  A great way to give yourself a jolt of the warm fuzzies tonight is to meet up with some of these people in your life.  (Even if they aren’t really in your life anymore – look ’em up and ask ’em out to the pub).  A great pub plug: http://www.hemingways.to/ 

Huh?  What are you talking about? Example:  It’s been a million years since Highschool.  Every year since then I’ve shed a lining, and morphed bit by bit into Lindsay 3.0, 3.1, 3.2…  But – when I meet up with these great old friends, I become who I was then to them, in an instant.  Highschool Lindsay – quirky, random and relaxed.   

And, I gotta tell ya…  it feels great for a few hours. 

Tonight I’m meeting up with a friend who I travelled with in Thailand 2 years ago.  I haven’t seen her since then.  Even though I am clean-cut, marketing specialist Lindsay, I am psyched to flash back to backpacker Lindsay for a few pints tonight after work. 

Get on your tele and call those… most-likely-outdated… numbers tonight!


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burt reynolds

our inspiration on the field

This is my first post on the blog, and judging from my title, it oughta be a good one.

When Linds and I moved to Toronto, we decided that joining an intramural team was not only a good way to stay fit but also a great way to meet people in our new region.  I played baseball for a long time so initially we tried to sign up for a softball team.  That didn’t work out, so Linds suggested that we try ultimate frisbee.  It turned out to be a great idea.

We went online and found Toronto Social Sports Clubs (www.torontossc.com).  We’ve now played 5 full seasons of ultimate frisbee, winning the championship our first three seasons and playing in the finals in all 5.  Who knew we were such ultimate frisbee aficionados? 

We named our team “Burt Reynolds”.  While other teams chose frisbee-related puns (Disc Jockey’s, Whiskey Discs, etc…), we decided to honour a man whose film and television history is tough to match.  The best part about naming our team after such a well-known celebrity is at the end of the game.  In true sportsmanship, teams are supposed to cheer their opponent.  So at the end of every game, we get to hear “Three cheers for Burt Reynolds, hip hip hurrah, hip hip hurrah, hip hip hurrah”.  To this date it hasn’t gotten old.  And I don’t know if it ever will.

So get out there, and live by the motto that Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud spent years teaching us. 

Keep fit and have fun!

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Sit George. Sit.

Do anything tonight that makes you feel stupid, awkward and inept.  Let’s face it – you’re awkward.  Bring your camera/friends and really show it off.  

Couple of examples:
Terrible soccer player?  BBM your friends a meet up time, stop at Wall Mart to grab a ball, and head to the nearest park.  Wear stupid outfits.     

Cook dinner.  (If you are like me and NEVER cook)  No recipes. 

Try to train your friend’s new dog.

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A few of us lately have started admitting to one another when we are too tired to be a human being.  For example, sitting on the subway, for me, is usually a one way ticket to No Personality Ville.  The rocking of the cars, and the soreness of my eyes.  Me desperately trying not to stare at people, or trying to avoid inhaling my seatmate’s all-day-in-a-chair odor.  Staring at the ground.  Watching a coke can rock back and forth as the car navigates in the dark, like the emptying of a colon.  So not to really focus on the unpleasantness around me… I can’t even remember getting to our building. 

I bust into the house.  Throw down my purse.  I look up at Kyle and say, “I.. have… no… personality.”  (said with no personality)

Two things can happen here:

1) Sit on couch.  Eat dinner.  Watch NCIS again.  Go to bed.

2) Hop in the shower.  Throw on one of the top ten. (everyone has a top ten wardrobe, come on).  Go out and do something amazing.  Enjoy.

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