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My busy life has turned me into a bit of a,… well a bit of a prat.  (def’n: a dry, cold, exhausted and dim worker who comes home, doesn’t do dishes, doesn’t call people back, doesn’t take back that thing to the store on time, doesn’t book that hotel, …  drone). 

Last night I surrendered to the world, white flag in hand, at 9:00pm and went to sleep. 

When I woke up – I felt guilty.  Kyle has been living beside my mound (the pile of clothes I don’t wear that compile next to the bed, which do not get hung up) for more than a week now.  Not fair to Kyle, or my clothes. 

So… on the subway today, I furiously wrote down every single tiny thing I’ve been putting off doing.  I had a list of 40 items, and flipped to the next page.  The entire subway ride to work, TO-DOs flew out of my brain, off my shoulders and onto this paper.    

[Enter busiest work day ever…]

At 4:59pm this afternoon I tore out of work, and tackled 5 things on my list.  Book hotel the night before our flight…check.  Submit prescription refill request…check.  Confirm doctors appointment… check.  Check… check..

Making this list of lingering to-dos is actually a tip I learned from The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  Her book in a nutshell: yes, you’re happy in your life.  But you can be happier.  Do tiny things, each small and manageable, all of which compile into a  happier, more satisfying life. 

She suggests you, and I, follow these three steps to begin our own happiness project:

1) Write down all of the things that stress you out, don’t get done, or linger in the back of your mind.
2) Write down all of the things you love doing. 
3) Write a list of actions that will both eliminate these ‘nagging tasks’ while at the same time allow you to get or do things you love.      

Tonight’s very tacky personal example: 1) I NEED to do the dishes.  2) I LOVE working up a sweat to great music.  3) HAPPINESS PROJECT SOLUTION: House cleaning in my workout gear to music available on those random TV music channels in the 700’s.   

Do it.  And enjoy your night!


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