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random delinquent night

Fire Escape.

Fire Escape.

RDN: [def’n: An evening of derailment.  The act of unwinding by engaging in delinquent acts apres work.  Kyboshing your plan to workout and do your taxes.  Opting for wine rather than whining.]  

This is so sad…  I couldn’t make this stuff up.  About 15 minutes ago, I was sitting on the couch, watching “The Biggest Loser”.  And then…  I heard a noise out the window.  What could it be?  A bike? Someone taking out the garbage?  Why would a cyclist be riding their bike in the winter at 9:00pm at night?  It’s not garbage night.  I look over at our cat, and she is sniffing, wondering what the commotion is too.  I’m in my old man pjs.  The tv remote is in my limp hand.   

“Kyle, what is that noise?”  Kyle looks me up and down, laughs and says, “Lindsay.  Who cares!  Relax!  hahaha  You’re as curious as the cat.”  I look over at the cat.  She looks so pathetic.  She, and I, are totally consumed by a noise out the window. 

Attention Lindsay.  You are still in the 9-5 bubble.  

The most evident side-effect of being wound up at work: acting like the neighbourhood grump.  The man/woman in the corner house, or ground floor unit, who sits silently in a chair beside the window.  They watch people cross the very edge of their property, poised to yell and scream and make a stink.  Monitoring who is putting recycling in the garbage bin and vice versa?  YOU ARE A POST WORK ZOMBIE.  Dethaw!     

“I declare tonight an RDN.”  A Random Drunk/Delinquent/Derailed Night!   

I just opened a bottle of wine, am going to grab Kyle from our kitchen table, and head out onto the fire escape, to escape.


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