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Run fast for your life.

Secretly, and perhaps even in your office, countless closet runners, bikers, joggers, and speedwalkers watch the clock hit 4:48pm, 4:49pm, 4:50pm – quietly preparing for carefree sports that begin right after work. 

You might not see it, but they are sipping Gatorade, or eating power gels – and getting their workout tights on in the office bathroom with 30 minutes of work left.  Then – they quietly put their suits back over the top.  These people, although ridiculously dressed if you look close (note to Todd and his biker tight story), are living their lives while the rest of us get in our cars, or onto buses and sit in traffic anxious to get home in time for another rerun of Seinfeld.      

Instead, try this: bust out the door, down to your bike (if that’s your thing), toss your outer professional disguise into your bag, and tear off down the road.  Hitting the road for a jog, run, bike home is so freeing. 

Last year I trained for a marathon, and had trouble fitting in my long runs on the weekends.  So Mondays at 5:15pm became my long run days.  I’d change into my tightest, ugliest outfits in the women’s office bathroom, toss on my runners, and would fill my running belt – desperately trying not to get caught in the elevator down with a colleague (who would so clearly see how much of a nerd I was).  Out the door – on the road – sun on my pale, air conditioned-to-death body.  Ah, fantastic feeling.   

The trick to this MLAW tip is not to go home in between work and play.  Go from A – Awesome in 0 seconds.  No taking your dog for a walk.  Ask a family member to pick the kids up today.  Get changed, toss your work clothes in a bag under your desk, and hit the road with just your keys, some cash and …  maybe your work swipe card for tomorrow.  

The logistics of cars, wallets, etc. can be figured out.  Don’t let the details stop you.  Figure it out.  

Your dog day is over.  Great song to get yourself fired out for some instant gratification:  Florence + The Machine – The Dog Days Are Over.



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Let the good old days resurface tonight.
Let the good old days resurface tonight.

I couldn’t tell you if I got myself a coffee at the downstairs deli today, or yesterday.  One day I did.  One day I didn’t.  I literally can’t rip today’s office events apart from yesterday’s.  Work this week merged into one super day, similar to when you freeze casserole, and it emerges weeks later in a chunk to be thawed.  I digress. 

Last night we went for what my Nanna and Poppa used to call a Sunday drive – but the Thursday night edition.  And, instead of my Poppa’s green Ford, the TTC was our chariot.  We went down to the subway not knowing where we might end up.  We surfaced at Chester Station.  New world.  Secret place.  There had to be beer here.  

The wonders to the Danforth to Yonge/St. Clair’ers.   

One of the things adult life has caused me to terribly miss are the days when I could travel around at will, gently increasing the amount of my Visa to investigate faraway lands.   

And so, we found Allens – http://www.allens.to/

And it was Air Conditioned. 

Get a move on up.

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