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Lunch 2.0 freedom

The whole world has gone mobile.  My grandma told me this today on the phone so it is most certainly true.  To this mobile tune, my company has tossed office bricks and internet wires in order to keep employees happy, free and agile, and to keep operating costs low.  Smarter planet indeed. 

…Cut to me packing up my office desk at 6am last Friday morning and driving my files, fake Ikea plant and loud keyboard (that I am quite fond of, sorry but … clunk, clunk, clunk) to my home…. 

I am now a mobile employee – working some days from home, some days from a mobility center, and some days from Second Cup.  Productivity is at its highest.  Commute time is at its lowest.  It really is a smarter planet. 

Aside from this new set-up allowing me to be more productive, it also allows me to innovate my lunch hour.  Lunch 2.0.  Rather than heading to Subway for a quick break from the office, my new mobile life gives me the freedom to dart down the road at noon, take a 45 minute Latin Dance class, and dart home – all within the hour.  Not only am I more productive on days like this, but I find time to try new things during what was ‘old work’s meatball sub’ lunch breaks.

This post is simple:  If you are working from home (a day or a few days a week) take advantage of it.  Start the day earlier, and, or work a bit later so you may get out and have an adventure – like Salsa Tuesday. 

Me + Latin Dance = horridness.  However, I was rejuvenated.  Life opened up as I murdered every tiny dance move. 

Cheers to life between work too. 


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